40 pounder

Welcome to Big Blue Charters of Newburyport!


Our passion at Big Blue Charters of Newburyport is fishing, being out on the water, and enjoying everything nature has to offer.  We use everything from live bait to classic wooden plugs for Striper fishing at Big Blue, named after my favorite plug.


We want you to experience the thrill of catching one of New England’s gems of the inland waters the Striped Bass.  Whether it is by fly, bait, or by casting wooden plugs we want to take you out for a fun and enjoyable fishing trip.  We specialize in Striped Bass on the Merrimack River and surrounding coast lines from NH to Cape Ann.


If bottom fishing is something you are interested in we offer fishing trips with some of the best jigs and rigs for Cod, Haddock, Pollock, and Cusk.


If big game is what you seek and screaming drags of 30 pounds or more off one of our Shimano Tiagra 130s is what you are looking for, then we would love to take you out to fish for the king of the sea, the Giant Blue Fin Tuna that inhabits our waters from late June to October.  Peak time for Giant Blue Fin Tuna is July through October.  Although, smaller recreational tuna offer just as good a fight on stand up tuna gear and casting to the king of sea as they are surfacing is always a blast.


Join us this summer for fishing, Fun and good times on board the Second Chance!